Our Specialist Services

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We install proven systems with rock solid support. 

At Optimum Security we put a huge amount of time and effort into testing the products we install. And we carefully select the brands and products we have 100% confidence in. We also make sure those products are backed up by a reliable support company, so if there is an issue we can in-depth technical support and replacement parts/products immediately.   

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24 hour protection from less than $10 dollars a week.

There's only one way to guarantee around the clock security and that's with responsive alarm monitoring. Which is why we recommend Countrywide Monitoring Services - they're 100% Kiwi owned and operated and they have a team of knowledgable local staff who act fast. Their 24 hour service is cost effective, offering total peace of mind for only a few dollars per week. Plus, there's the bonus of a likely reduction in insurance premiums.

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Alarm not working as it should? We'll fix it fast. 

If you're alarm is faulty, it's not protecting your home or business. In this case the best solution is to give us a call as soon as you can. Optimum Security are experts at diagnosing issues and then making sure they are repaired - if that's the best option. Or replaced - in the case of old alarms that no longer have spare parts available.    

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Will your alarm perform we it's needed? We can check.

FACT: if your alarm isn't regularly checked you risk a loss of property or similar issues. If you work in an office building, you will have noticed that fire alarms are tested on regular occasions. The same theory applies to security alarms. They need to be checked and tested to ensure the keypad, sensors, siren, remotes and and monitoring service are working.      

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We'll tailor a system to meet your exact requirements.

From simple residential security right through to complex commercial installations, Optimum Security can tailor a security system to meet your needs. This includes CCTV cameras, intercoms, access control, sensors, sirens keypads, remotes, alarms and all 24 hour monitoring requirements.